Grant Baldwin


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Grant Baldwin is a photographer for hire based out of Charlotte, NC. He has an Associates Degree in Photography from Central Piedmont Community College and has been an active photographer refining his art for over 12 years now. His focus is Documentary and Journalistic work, as he excels at understanding the complexities of a fluid situation, allowing him to use his observation and intuition to anticipate and capture the core moments of any event in a manner that conveys the fullness of their meaning. Grant Baldwin Photography is not just a business for providing income through image making. It is the outcropping of a passion for photography, self expression, complexity and story telling. It is a vehicle for building meaningful relationships between its clients and it’s proprietor by meeting their needs above and beyond expectation with an unprecedented focus on subtle detail.

Grant Baldwin Photography welcomes the opportunity to work with you to explore, via detail-oriented discussion and careful planning, how his image making can share what you do with your clientele and the world in a way that reenforces the meaningful relationships you build with your own clients while improving your bottom line in the present and building momentum for future growth.

NOTE: Images copyrighted by Grant Baldwin Photography. They are not for use elsewhere (electronically or in print) without Grant Baldwin's express consent. All images are available for use at a negotiable fee. Please call 704-775-9184 or email at